Make it yourself: ETHNIC Balcony

Today's cities do not have gardens in order to make room for buildings, where the tall buildings and limited spaces have made the garden a distant dream, the mutation of a terrace or balcony garden is the best solution to have a contact with the nature. A garden decorated appropriately gives us the opportunity to be creative without great effort and most importantly to have a cool exotic corner for relaxation and wellness.

The plants and flowers used in the balcony make the indoor air fresh and healthy. If you can, lay natural grass into pieces. It's very refreshing. Make corridor tiles and cover some corners with Trellis, where you will develop climbing plants with scents like jasmine or richosperma. Place  potted lavender. They smell nice and keep mosquitoes away. Build a room with cushions and low tables. Add lighing for romance and a piece of sculpture, depending on your budget.

Now you may open wide your balcony the doors and enjoy the view, connecting the interior with the exterior. A space that is related to an external effectively increases the living area and this can be achieved in any house, no matter how big or small it is. This space could be the outside of the bedroom or the living room, kitchen or office. The terrace garden can be any shape or form.