Do it yourself: INDIAN bedroom

India is a country rich in history, exotic flavors and spiritual beauty. If you have not planned a trip to this beautiful country, you can feel the touch of India in creating Indian style decor in your space.

The first step is the imaginative use of spicy and bold colors. Make combinations as deep earthy brown and terracotta with bold orange, purple, fuchsia, red, gold. If you can not get a canopy bed, add to the existing canopy a cotton gauze. A wooden screen will give another look to your room as a decorative divider and space.

Paint the walls a neutral color and add earthy curtains of bright fabrics in bright colors such as fuchsia, pink, turquoise and deep purple. A luxury bed cover is typical of Indian inspiration. You can also hang an Indian sari as a decorative on your wall or other handmade fabrics. The fabrics that adorn the walls (wall hangings) brought us the exotic beauty of India and come in a variety of colors and styles. Pillows in different shapes and sizes adorn the bed. Floor pillows are a good idea.

Some other Indian art as wall hanging decoratives is also a very good suggestion. Indian erotic painting, images of sacred animals, deities or scenes from everyday life add an extra touch of India. Essential oils, sticks and candles make the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Avoid citrus perfumes, choose wild flowers, musk, sandalwood, orchid or myrrh. Unlike the Zen-inspired design where minimalism is the key, the Indian characterized by the use of objects and accessories. Build or buy ceiling lights and table with cloth, glass, paper trimmed with beads and edgings. Surely you should not overdo it, but certainly the style of forcing small excesses.