Do it yourself: BOHEMIAN lounge

Interior design bohemian style reminiscent of Victorian era but includes modern pieces such as sofas, armchairs and ethnic features for a more relaxed environment. Special characteristic is the vibrant color combinations. Paint the walls with a feature of the Victorian era as baked orange (marigold), various shades of green, sage or sea. Add curtains or monochrome printing with ethnic influences.

For a traditional look, place a handmade cashmere rug in the middle of the living room. Pick a table that is dark brown or cherry. Incorporate a couch of traditional handmade pillows and a Queen Ann chair.

Add a few houseplants and a traditional vase. Bohemians style means "good home" and involves creating harmony with the earth and all life forms. Enrich the table with antique books, figurines from distant countries, a disc, a decanter and other aged items.

Make pillows and cushions crafted from woven fabrics to match your sofa and armchair. Place a bouquet of roses or carnations in a vase. A one on one pillow on the carpet woven handmade traditional designs will be useful and decorating. Check the attic for old objects, images, traditional frames to create a bohemian salon.