make it yourself: Color therapy (vastu)

Based on the ancient Indian science of placement in space (vastu) we use primary colors as follows:

Yellow gold accents that include shades of brown. It symbolizes patience and wisdom as well as sunlight. For this reason, if the room gets plenty of light try not to paint walls or put pictures in yellow.

Pink is very suitable for bedrooms. It symbolizes joy and happiness. According to vastu, pink and deep pink walls and matching curtains in bedrooms south and southwest.

Purple represents the respect and loyalty. Purple and pink shades work very well to decorative fabrics such as bed cover, curtain, pillows. But they tend to load very room whether used on the walls. The soft purple (cyclamen, lavender) have fewer constraints and induces calm atmosphere.

Blue Another blue color suitable for bedroom according to the principles of vastu. It is the color of new growth and relaxation. The blue light produces a very relaxing environment and is very fitting color for the walls. A brighter version, turquoise works best with many other colors in the room.

Green Very suitable for relaxing. Shades of green symbolizes nature, freshness and hope. Revitilizes mind and body. Bright green and turquoise are particularly relevant color choice for children's rooms.

White Matching white accent color for brighter bases. White roofs reflect light and make rooms shinier. Small amounts of white add elegance.